Power Transmission

Chart 1. Length of overhead HV lines in Armenia, km

Armenia maintained the only HV lines of 330 kV that linked the substations near the Atarbekyan HPP with Akstafa (Azerbaijan). At present, this line is not used. The HV lines of 22o kV and 110 kV, linking Armenia and Nakhijevan, is also not used.

The network of 220 kV HV lines covers the whole of Armenia. Its length is 1300 km. These are, in general, one chain HV lines. The only two chain HV lines connect the Armenian NPP with substation “Ashnak” and the Hrazdan TPP with Atarbekyan. The total number of 220 kV substations of HV network is 14.

The internal demand for electricity is met by a wide-spread network of 110 kV. It has 119 substations with a total length of 3170 km.