Thermal Power Plants

Thermal Power Plants: Hrazdan TPP

Chart 1. Generation of Electricity in Hrazdan TPP.

The construction of the Hrazdan TPP was started in 1963. The plant was designed to meet the demand of the Trans-Caucasus (South Caucasus). The plant started operation in 1972.

The Hrazdan TPP consists of block and non-block parts with a total capacity of 1110 MW. From the start of operation through January 1, 2003, the plant generated about 140 billion kWh of electricity. Due to the decrease in demand starting in 1990, the Hrazdan TPP was transferred into a balancing unit. And only recently, because of optimization of regimes and equipment layout, the consumption of specific fuel was stabilized (372 gsf/kWh).

Yerevan TPP (YTPP)

Chart 2. Generation of Electricity in YTPP

The first turbine of the YTTP with a capacity of 50 MW began operation on March 31, 1963. The installed boiler was a TGM-84 type with the productivity of 420 tons per hour. The turbine was PT-60. Today the YTPP consists of a block-part with a capacity of 300 MW and a non-block part with 250 MW of installed capacity. As a result, the YTPP is a mixed-type station.

The YTPP was designed with a capacity of 550 MW in 1966. From the beginning until January 1, 2003, the YTTP generated 74.67 billion of KWh. Starting in 1990 the generation at the YTPP rapidly declined due to the decrease of consumers’ payment ability which resulted in a decrease in the effectiveness level of production.

The YTPP, as well as other TPPs of Armenia, is very old. It has operated for more than 40 years, although the lifespan of TPPs throughout the world is 30 years. Having worked at a capacity of 550 MW, the plant now generates only 50 MW because of obsolete power equipment.